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Do you remember the last time someone asked you what you wanted for your birthday, or for Christmas, or for some other special occassion and you didn’t have an answer for them?  Don’t you hate it when they ask and you can’t remember all the wonderful things you have seen while out shopping the past few months that you didn’t purchase for yourself?  TheLittleStoreOnline.com has just the solution…

The Little Store Online is the online store with a wish list!  You can find many of your favorite products here.  Sign up and become a free member of our website, then add your favorite products to your wish list.  

After you have finished creating your list, send the link to your wish list to your family and friends when they ask you what you want for your birthday, Christmas, anniversary, favorite holiday, etc.  You can return to add to your list anytime you desire!

Gift giving just became a whole lot easier thanks to The Wish List!
Join now, membership is free, just click the “create account” link in the upper right corner of this page! Shopping is secure, all orders are processed through Amazon’s secure shopping system.


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Don’t see your favorite products here, then use our contact form below to let us know which products you would like us to include, and we’ll do our best to add it to our selection.  Currently, we pull products from Amazon.com to add to our inventory.  We’ll even add your favorite book title to our inventory just so you can add it to your wish list.  If you would like to purchase your Amazon products from here because you love our wish list feature and would like to support our website, please know that we appreciate it very much!


Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about The Little Store Online so that they can create their very own wish list too!  We’ve also included some of those cute little social sharing buttons to make it easy for you to tell everyone the good news.

Happy shopping!


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